Upcoming Events

December 11th: Christmas Recital Day 1

3:00pm – Program 1
6:00pm – Program 2

December 12th: Christmas Recital Day 2

12:00pm – Program 3
3:00pm – Program 4
6:00pm – Program 5

December 18th: Christmas Recital Day 3

12:00pm – Program 6
3:00pm – Program 7
6:00pm – Program 8

December 19th: Christmas Recital Day 4

12:00pm – Program 9
3:00pm – Program 10

Past Events

October 31st: Halloween Mini-Recital Day 2

3:00pm – Program 3
4:00pm – Program 4

October 30th: Halloween Mini-Recital Day 1

3:00pm – Program 1
4:00pm – Program 2

August 4th: Conero International Piano Festival & Competition

In 2019, the first Conero International Piano Festival was successfully held in Recanti, Italy. In 2020, when the pandemic came, the Conero team quickly moved everything online and hosted an online festival and competition, with more than 400 participants in the competition and 100 participants in the online Conero festival.
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July 18th: Chicago International Music Competition and Festival

The Chicago International Music Competition and Festival will be held ONLINE again in 2021. We realized that the pandemic still impacts travel, visas, and costs for aspiring musicians around the world.
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July 15th: SYMF Summer Video Competition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect events throughout the world. Many educational institutions are still online and have not re-opened to outside facility rentals, including California State University at Long Beach (CSULB), the venue used by SYMF.
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July 10th: Little Chopin Senior Recital

Vaccinated parents and students only! Summer is almost upon us, and along with plenty of sunshine we also have 9 of our beloved students graduating from high school! Ryan Vong, Adelyn Duong, Daniel Bui, Elizabeth Marana, Eryk Nguyen, Andrew Phan, Andrew Luu and Brendan Le will soon be stepping forth into the world of higher education, and in order to recognize their achievements in the musical arena, we will be having a special recital!

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