I’ve had a very enjoyable experience at Little Chopin Piano School. My teacher Ms. Ting has always been a great help and supportive person throughout my progress in piano. She always gave me the greatest advice to help develop my piano technique and performance skills. I’m very thankful that she has helped me accomplish so much in piano! Theory class with Mr. Blue has also been enjoyable. He has always made learning theory a very fun experience! I also really admire the many recitals and workshops held at this school. It’s nice and refreshing to hear other students play their pieces, and I’m always blown away! These recitals were so fun to participate in since they had many fun themes to offer (Halloween, video game, anime, etc.). Overall my memories at this school were fun and pleasant!
Brendan L. – Mission Viejo, CA
I have been playing the piano for over 10 years, and it has been such a huge part of my life. Piano was a lot of fun, and I made a lot of good friends and made so many memories I will cherish forever. Competitions were crazy with hours of lessons and practicing more in one day than I normally did in a week, but it was so much fun spending time with my teacher and friends. Piano lessons every week were often the highlight of my week. I’ve had a few teachers over my years in piano all of whom have been phenomenal especially Mrs. Ting who was always so sweet and patient with me and even my brother. I’ve learned a lot from my years in piano both in music and in my life in general. Dedication, perseverance, confidence, and so much more. I’m going to miss LCP when I attend college at California State University Fullerton this fall.
Elizabeth M. – Mission Viejo, CA
The Little Chopin Piano School provides a family oriented environment. The kids become friends as do the parents. My personal experience has been very positive. Miss Melody started teaching my daughter what seems like ages ago. She has had other teachers and other schools but has excelled under Melody’s guidance. The first months were hard as she was taught from the ground up and learned new techniques. Those months of mundane practice doing scales and finger exercises were often filled with tears. To get good at anything takes hard work and this was a lesson learned by my daughter and her teacher was there right with her. Some times you have to go backwards to get ahead and her teacher recognized this and worked with her to get it right. Though it was hard it was the correct decision as the compositions become more difficult if you don’t have the proper foundation and techniques you will be lost. As mentioned in other posts the school provides many themed recitals and yes sometimes awards are not provided to all. Guess what, that is life, best to learn you are not awarded simply for showing up. Through the recitals and workshops the kids are well prepared when going out to compete if it is their desire to do so. The kids also signup to act as the MC’s for the recitals gaining great experience in speaking in front peers, families, and friends. One of the most important considerations I had when having my daughter come to LCP was their focus on Music Theory. It is important not to simply know how to play but to have the underlying understanding of the musical building blocks that went into the composition.
Brian D. – Mission Viejo, CA
I’ve been going to Little Chopin Piano School for about 9-10 years. Going there makes me feel happy and safe. I would honestly call this school my second home. I’ve learned many things from the piano and theory teachers. My teacher is Miss Melody and I think she is the best teacher. She devotes a lot of her time to ensure that students are practicing hard and that they will succeed in competitions. I’ve participated in many competitions such as SYMF and Fullerton College and Little Chopin offers a lot more to compete in. Miss Molly trains her students very well and makes sure that they are practicing well my scheduling workshops (evaluations). Overall I really love this school and hope to keep attending for years to come.
Michelle H. – Garden Grove, CA
I have started playing piano since the age of 7 under the guidance of Mrs. Melody here at Little Chopin. I participated in all the annual events like CM, National Guild, and the recitals. Starting in my second year of piano, I entered my first competition at the Fullerton Ensemble with my brother, Travis. We won the grand prize, and from there on, I entered numerous local competitions such as Southwestern Youth Music Festival, Musical Arts Competition of Orange County, Diamond Bar Performing Arts Contest, Fullerton Ensemble, and CAPMT Sonata/Sonatina Competition.
Once I entered middle school, I participated in my first out-of-town competition in Oakland, named the United States Open Music Competition (USOMC). The success at USOMC gave me confidence to continue my endeavors at a larger scale, and I entered the United States International Piano Duo Competition (USIPDC) at Colorado the following year. My piano journey continued throughout my high school, where I continued entering in most of the local competitions, USOMC, USIPDC, and other international competitions like Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition, Lansum International Music Festival, the American Protege Competition, and the Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition. I have learned a lot from these competitions, traveled to new places, and met new people. Each new competition, no matter the result, made a profound memory that I cherish.
I feel very fortunate to have piano lessons and music in my life. It is truly a privilege to have Mrs. Melody as my teacher, to receive a lot of guidance from Mrs. Molly, and to be part of the Little Chopin school, which is basically like a second home to me. Piano has played a large role in my life, and I consider it as a big part of my identity. I plan to continue playing the piano whenever I can moving forward, and though l will miss Little Chopin, it has been fun.
Andrew L. – Midway City, CA
We love Little Chopin Piano Studio. Both of my sons have been having piano lessons at Little Chopin Piano Studio for over 10 years. They both passed level 10 CM, and received thorough piano lessons, both in person piano lessons and theory lessons. My sons love the school, their teachers, their schoolmates and the various activities, workshops, recitals and competitions that the school offers. Little Chopin Piano Studio has the best piano teachers who are the nicest, most patient, most dedicated and highly skilled. We have nothing but gratitude toward Little Chopin Piano Studio and the teachers there. Highly recommended, the best piano school in Orange County, California.
Lan N. – Fountain Valley, CA
My daughter has been going to this school since she was 4 and now she is almost 11. After almost 7 years, Little Chopin has slowly become my daughter’s 2nd family, and my dearest other home. I appreciate the school for their good teaching system: one on one piano lesson and great theory sesions. Nonetheless, to my own opinion, this is definitely a wonderful environment for my daughter to grow up with so many great parents and polite/respectful kids. All the teachers here are not only well trained/ very professional, they also treat your children as if they are their own, especially Ms. Molly and Ms. Melody. Little Chopin is definitely the best piano school for your kids 👍👍👍
Loan C. – Santa Ana, CA
This is one of the best piano schools one can ask for. The school provides abundant opportunities to learn piano via lessons in music theory, ear training, sight reading in addition to private lessons. There are periodic workshops where students get to play on stage and be evaluated to keep their skills in check.
Annual recitals are fun as participants get to dress up and perform on stage, have their professional photos taken, bring home a trophy if they play well, have a free DVD disc of their own recital, and enjoy delicious refreshments afterward.
There are also opportunities for students expand their horizons and to measure themselves against their peers via local, national, and international competitions.
My children have been learning with Ms Melody for almost 6 years and I can’t be happier with the positive outcomes I have seen in them. She is very knowledgeable, sweet, kind, and having endless patience with her students.
I highly recommend LCP. ❤️❤️❤️
Vivian N. – Huntington Beach, CA

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